Textbetter redesign website increasing performance 73%

With greatest performance comes happier clients.

Textbetter website

Link: textbetter.com

Product Discovery Performance Design Project Development

Textbetter had a nice landing page but with some room for improvement, and here's where we help them and how we did it.

Our software developers benchmarked with Lighthouse what the current website was doing and where we could dig in and increase performance. Our WordPress experts discovered that the overall scores for desktop were 27+/- and for mobile were 6+/-

Second, we designed and sorted what was the most urgent things to clear, as well as the low-hanging apples we could execute.

The impact

  • Significant performance increase by 60 points and 45 points on mobile using lighthouse.
  • Better SEO with the potential to bring in more and new customers.
  • Pages now loading under 2s.

The product

Tech Stack

  • CSS & CSS3
  • Wordpress
  • Javascript

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