Mindfulconversion website redesign and better conversion rate

Website performance increased 60% and clients conversion rate increased after redesign.

Mindfulconversion Website

Link: mindfulconversion.com

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Mindfulconversion's website was created from scratch by our Javascript developers and designers. We implemented the idea and design of the project along with our client. They wanted a powerful and beautiful website capable of attracting new customers, and we believe we landed just there.

To achieve the performance required, we implemented this website using NextJS.


  • Increased Organic traffic
  • Speedy Page Load Time
  • Better Conversion Rate
  • Increased in Unique page visitors

The product

Tech Stack

  • Figma
  • CSS / CSS3
  • HTML
  • Javascript
  • ReactJS
  • NextJS
  • TailwindCSS

Interested in a new show-stopper website? Email us at info@devdat.io